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Woman of God, Pastor, Leader, Spiritual Mentor, International Author, Entrepreneur, CEO of a 501c3 nonprofit & LLC, informative speaker and so much more ....

Kimberly Stratton is an international author who will captivate you with every word God allows her to speak and write. 

Not only is Kimberly a Woman of God (living the life of Christ), she is also a Pastor, soon to be well-renown author, CEO and Founder of International H.O.P.E. Inc. (a 501c3 approved feeding program) and CEO and Founder of The Crown And Cross Consulting And Publishing Co LLC. Many have also added that Kimberly is an inspirational and informative Public Speaker. 
God has blessed Ms. Stratton with multiple platforms such as It's StoryTime which is sharing the Word of God by simply narrating the stories from the Bible on FB LIVE and Spending Time With God On The Sofa Bible Study. Kimberly also shares God's Word on various podcasts like, Google Podcast, Spotify, RadioPublic and several others including YouTube. Just search for Pastor Kimberly Stratton in the YouTube search bar. 

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Kimberly Stratton the international author has now released 6 books (soon to release her 7th book -

Yet Will I Serve Him - her autobiography sequel).

Order your personalized copy of the author's latest work - her autobiography - as well as the other inspiring books.

From The Author:

If you thought part one of my autobiography (Yet Will I Serve Him) was a page-turner, it was only the appetizer. Yet Will I Serve Him ~ The Sequel ~ is the main course. Save room for dessert though. The Sequel will more than satisfy your spiritual and natural appetites. Many want to know who stole God's money. Who knew the money was being stolen? Who got the beat down and the list goes on. EVERYONE is asking if there will be name-dropping. I can't give away too much but I can tell you that The Sequel discusses family curses, rape, rejection, God's calling (the hole in my heart), being ordained, hard times walking through the halls of ministry and much more. I ultimately forgave others in order to be free, receive God's healing and embrace the future callings God placed on my life. To understand part two, you MUST read part one of my autobiography. 


Yet Will I Serve Him (part 1)

A page from inside the book: 
My life: family, friends, love, lies, sexual relationships, alcohol, life lessons, church leadership, ministry, church hurt and everything between. Do you remember every single detail of your life from the second you were born? Neither can I; however, I will give you the graphic truth and detailed highlights. After running from God for 12 years, I was tired of myself and the life I was living. Feeling the call of God (the aching hole in my heart), I finally surrendered and returned to church in late October 2010. In November of 2010, I rededicated my life back to Christ. In December of 2010, I joined a church and never looked back on my relationship with God ~ not once. Through the trials, tribulations, backstabbing, tears, fears and trying to remove the noise from others as well as myself from inside of my head, I faithfully served God. I was talked about across the pulpit, used, experienced jealousy from saints of God including church leadership; saints told by church leaders to no longer interact with me when God released me from their ministry, attempted to be manipulated by ministries and at times shunned; sexually propositioned by a Pastor and a Deacon, a handful of saints who physically jumped up in my face and still I pressed on. I stood up for what was right when money was being stolen from God’s House. I knew God's plan was and still is greater than mine. I had good and not so good people come into my life. They all served their purpose as God ordained. When man tried to do evil in my life, God turned it around for His good. No matter what, I made a vow that Yet Will I Serve Him.