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As an accomplished international Author, Kimberly Stratton has self-published 6 books from April 2020 to March 2021 and is working on multiple books and a journal as we speak. Her latest release (scheduled for June 2021 in some areas) is part 2 to her autobiography titled Yet Will I Serve Him ~ The Sequel (Part 1 was released April 2021).

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The Crown And Cross Publishing Co LLC

We are in Humble Beginnings of our Christian based / Christian values consulting and publishing company. We look forward to all that God has in store.

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Let us help write and complete the vision

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I had the opportunity of to work with Pastor Kimberly on getting my book “The Birthing” self-published.  She had just self-published her book “The voice for the silent ones”. I was motivated by her publishing her book. That it led me to ask questions. Not only was she eager to tell me how she did it, she even encouraged me to do it myself. #NoDelays

Throughout the month leading to publishing, she helped me with several things. From the editing of the cover, to the process with Amazon Publishing ie uploading it properly, editing within the software, showed me the how to videos and so much more. I never felt like I was alone through the process. Her method is unmatched. She helped me by teaching me, so I’d know how to do it next time. She desires to serve and it shows through her patience and great customer service. The expertise she displayed put me at ease in knowing that it will be done right. If she didn’t know she would search and find the answer for me and lead me to where she found the answer so I would know for myself. The whole process was absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend The Crown and Cross Publishing for all your publishing needs.

Prophetess Donisha Smith, NC – Author and CEO of WOW Faith LLC