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Redefining Homelessness

Redefining Homelessness


NEW from International Author Kimberly Stratton --- 2023 RELEASE

There was a time you could tell when a person was homeless or destitute - (the appearance of having a bath, an unclean or filthy appearance, unwashed or disheveled hair on the top of their head or even their face). But that’s all changed. Many appear as described because we are conditioned to believe and that is all we are shown on the TV, on the news, the ones we see on the street and so forth. The face of homelessness is changing. It’s becoming harder and harder to recognize or define. Homelessness is unstable and unhealthy living conditions; moving from place to place – Making decisions: food vs car ins.; paying rent or buying school clothes for the children or worse staying in an abusive or toxic situation to have a roof over your head and a steady address for their child to attend school.

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