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Yet Will I Serve Him - part 2 of the autobiography

Yet Will I Serve Him - part 2 of the autobiography


Current $30.00 (book cost of $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping for one book)


If you thought part one of my autobiography (Yet Will I Serve Him) was a page-turner, it was only the appetizer. Yet Will I Serve Him ~ The Sequel ~ is the main course. Save room for dessert though. The Sequel will more than satisfy your spiritual and natural appetites. Many want to know who stole God's money. Who knew the money was being stolen? Who got the beat down and the list goes on. EVERYONE is asking if there will be name-dropping. I can't give away too much but I can tell you that The Sequel discusses family curses, rape, rejection, God's calling (the hole in my heart), being ordained, hard times walking through the halls of ministry and much more. I ultimately forgave others in order to be free, receive God's healing and embrace the future callings God placed on my life. To understand part two, you MUST read part one of my autobiography.


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